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Kimberlee Vollbrecht, President of V2 Strategies, has built a name as the Pipeline Plumber. Just like the plumbing in your house, your sales pipeline needs periodic maintenance – and the occasional upgrade – to keep running smoothly.

Her philosophy is simple: If it doesn’t work for you … it doesn’t work. Her pipeline solutions are based on each company’s unique customer insights, fit their sales and marketing process, and support longer-term goals and objectives.

They’ve helped an independent caterer double sales from her email newsletter, an IT services firm set up a customer-intelligence system to support inside sales, and a coaching enterprise automate the prospect-to-satisfied-client journey.

When she’s not providing clients with success solutions, Kim loves time spent with her family and friends, nature walks with her rescue pup Roxie, and activities that center on solving mysteries or putting puzzle pieces together.

As a child, she’d start jigsaw puzzles from the inside out, creating a picture from individual pieces that naturally fit together. That ability to see connections first, and then assemble the picture, has helped her successfully build coalitions, shift opinions, and drive sales throughout her career.

Have you ever felt like you were flying a custom jet at 500 feet? You know your plane could go higher and faster, you just aren’t sure how to make that happen.

That’s how a lot of businesses feel about their email marketing and sales support systems. They just don’t know how to get the most value from them.

There’s nothing we like better than showing a business how to get more value out of tools they already have and use.  We’re also really good at identifying cost-effective alternatives.

Our philosophy is simple: if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work.

You need solutions that work for your business, because they’re tailored to your customers, your team, and your work process. Sometimes all you need is from a fresh look at your current set up. Just a few tweaks and updates can lead to significantly better results.

If you’ve outgrown your current tools, or need to add new capabilities, we’ll help assess your options and get you off to a fresh and productive start.

You will see our customized packages designed around your specific needs, and your budget. Plus, we’ll provide sales- and marketing-training support so your entire team can focus on success.

What our clients say

V2 Strategies is elite when it comes to helping you squeeze the most out of your email marketing and conversions. Whether you have an existing mail platform or need to get started, Kim makes the process more efficient and profitable. An absolutely essential service for every business

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