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"Seamless Sales Blueprint" 

for Your CountdownHero Timers

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Have you checked out CountdownHero? It's hands-down the best way to create urgency and sales every. single. day. And it's a bargain at $97 (or an outright steal if you use the $30-off coupon!)

We're so convinced it will work for you (really, almost anyone) that we're offering a free Seamless Sales Blueprint to get your countdown timers up and running sales ASAP. With a $525 retail value, this offer is limited to the first 5 customers.

What's in your Seamless Sales Blueprint?

Seamless Sales Blueprint

  • An "opportunity map" showing where CoutdownHero timers  - whether evergreen, date-specific, or limited time offers - can boost your sales
  • A custom game plan for implementing your top 3 CountdownHero opportunities, from sales pages to thank-you emails
  • Help setting up your first CountdownHero game plan

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