Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to online marketing, there can be a bit of a learning curve. There are phrases and acronyms that get tossed around, with the assumption that you already know and understand what they mean. 

If you are looking to learn more about these terms and would like to know how V2 Strategies can assist you with them, this list is exactly what you’re looking for.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a process of sending optimized promotional messages via email to targeted consumers. Well-designed emails can boost sales, create brand loyalty, and directly convey important information. Through the use of email marketing, you can build up a subscriber base, lead them to your company’s website or salesperson, and hopefully turn them into loyal customers.        

Email Marketing Effectiveness: When it comes to bang for your buck, there isn’t a more effective marketing tool than email. It boasts a 42 to 1 return on investment, which is a key driver of its popularity. Another factor is the ubiquity of email. Your goal is to reach consumers, and there are 3.9 billion email users as of 2020. But does a marketing email campaign have an effect on which products customers select? Yes, 59% of those surveyed said that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. Business professionals can testify to the power of email marketing, as 80% of them believe that it helps with customer retention.    

Email Analytics It’s not hard to find benchmarks by industry for a variety of email statistics - it’s not as easy to determine what those stats mean for your business, and what to do with the data. High open rates indicate interest in your subject line. When coupled with low click-throughs, it’s likely your content isn’t delivering on the opening promise. Low open rates could mean your subject line needs work - or that you’re sending messages to an audience that just isn’t interested. (If you’d like help sorting through your email stats - we can help!

Segmentation - List segments are the key to email marketing ROI. When you segment your audience by interests, behavior, and fit, you dramatically improve your ability to send them the right information, at the right time and in the right way, to get them to convert.

Personalization - It’s not enough just to include your contact’s first name in every email. They should be receiving content that’s relevant to their interests (Do they prefer dogs or cats? White or dark chocolate?), and that is responsive to their recent behavior. This allows you to showcase the human side of your business. People feel better about buying from people they feel they have a personal connection with. Personalization is a way to show your customers that you care. 

Lead Generation - If you’re focused on building your email list, you have the wrong goal. Instead, you should focus on generating quality leads, with an interest in, or potential use for, your products and services. We work with your lead generation and list-building services to ensure that you’re getting the right types of leads – and putting them into the right pipelines and sequences to continue to nurture and qualify them as sales prospects.

Email Platforms - If you are sending marketing emails, using an email platform (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, etc.) is simply a must. The key is finding the platform that satisfies your businesses needs today – while also helping you to grow in the future. We help many businesses optimize their current system, starting with their contact management system (subscribe forms, lists, segments, tags, and custom fields).

Sales Funnels - Not everyone who searches for your product/service, or responds to your ad, is immediately ready to buy. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll never buy from you. Sales funnels help you stay engaged with those potential customers who aren’t buying yet. When combined with other sales and marketing tools, your sales funnel can help you sort these contacts by interest and behavior, enabling you to send them the right information at the right time, while keeping your business top of mind when they are nearing a purchasing decision.

Marketing Automation - With automation, you can create customized messaging sequences to fulfill each of your sales and marketing goals. Common automations cover abandoned carts, new customer welcomes, new subscriber welcomes, and follow-ups on offers. More advanced automations can help you manage your sales pipelines and sort your prospects into cold/warm/hot categories based on their interactions with your marketing materials.

Work Process Automation - How much of your time is spent updating contact information, or notifying team members when customers and prospects meet specific milestones? Are you using manual techniques to transfer account and customer information from one database or tool to another? What if all of these processes could be performed automatically? That’s where work process automation comes in. Work process automation eliminates the tedious busy work of data entry, allowing you and your employees to focus on more pressing matters.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems) are the most common sales process management tool. CRMs are often a part of more robust email and sales automation services. These tools make it easy to monitor sales performance, identify top prospects & customers, and ensure a consistent, quality sales experience. They also have the benefit of storing all your customer information in one easily accessible place.

Sales Prospecting - Your current customers are your best prospects. Wouldn't it be great to know what they want (or need) to buy next, before they ask...or buy it from a competitor? We can help update your CRM so it can help you readily spot future sales opportunities. 

Sales Funnel Automation - Think of this as your sales plumber. When a lead has cold feet, you can often keep them from leaking out of your funnel by moving them into various "nurture" sequences. Once they show interest again, they can move back into your active sales pipeline. This can prevent you from losing potential sales.

Need some help getting started? There are a couple of ways we can help:

  • Schedule a live call: If you've got a few questions, or would like a quick review of your email or other systems, we offer a free 15-minute call as a great starting point.
  • Want a more in-depth review? Send us a note with more information on what you're looking for, and we'll follow up quickly with ideas and options for next steps.