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Your customers are out there waiting for you. Now, it’s time to find them.

If you already use email marketing or sales automation process in place, V2 Strategies can take you to the next level. We can also help if you’ve never used these tools, and you don’t know where to start. 

Sales success starts with getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time. We can help.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful sales tool, but you have to know how to use it to get the best results. Sometimes all you need is from a fresh look at your current set up. Just a few tweaks and updates can lead to significantly better results. If you're new to email marketing, or simply not happy with your current system, we can get you off to a fresh and productive start.

  • Goals & Objectives: Email is a versatile tool. It can support a variety of sales, marketing, and customer success goals. We help you prioritize your email strategies, so you deliver your most important goals first.
  • The Basics: Don't rush through your system setup. Everything from your contact or subscribe forms & thank-you pages, to your lists, tags, and email footers, plays a role in driving results. 
  • Optimizing Results: While there are some one-size-fits all strategies, this is basically a trial-and-error game. You won't know whether a different subject line, send date, or call-to-action would improve results until you test it. We recommend testing alternate approaches at least twice a year.

Sales Funnel Strategies & Tools

We all know what a funnel looks like: wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom. Sales funnels have one important distinction from the tools you have in your garage or kitchen: they leak. And while some people who enter your funnel truly aren't a good fit, a lot of ones who get away are good prospects who simply aren't ready to buy yetWe help companies find the right tools, and use them to their full potential. 

  • Sales Process: CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems) are the most common sales process management tool. CRMs are often a part of more robust email and sales automation services. These tools make it easy to monitor sales performance, identify top prospects & customers, and ensure a consistent, quality sales experience.
  • Sales Prospecting: Your current customers are your best prospects. Wouldn't it be great to know what they want (or need) to buy next, before they ask...or buy it from a competitor? We can help update your CRM so it you can easily spot future sales opportunities.
  • Sales Funnel Automation: Think of this as your sales plumber. When a lead has cold feet, you can often keep them from leaking out of your funnel by moving them into various "nurture" sequences. Once they show interest again, they can move back into your active sales pipeline. The same approach can be used to identify when current and past are likely to buy again.


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