Sale Funnels

Not everyone who searches for your product or service, or responds to your ad, is ready to buy right now. But that doesn’t mean they’ll never buy from you.

Sales funnels help you stay engaged with those people who aren’t buying yet. Because when they are ready, you want to be at the top of the list.

How do sales funnels work?

When combined with other sales and marketing tools – lead sources, email marketing, and your CRM,

to name a few –  you’ll be able to sort through your leads and prospects based on what they’re looking.

  • Are they browsing for information? Share helpful information that educates, without selling. (Yes, I said without selling – they’re not ready for that yet!)
  • Are they researching solutions? Show them their options – you’ll naturally be in the mix, but don’t damage your credibility by implying you’re the ONLY solution. 
  • By the time they’re ready to buy, guess who they’ll turn to first? 

How will you know which stage they’re in? It’s easier than you think!

Whether it’s a “Where do I?”, “How do I?” or even “Why can’t I?!!” – chances are, we can help.

Get started today with a free strategy call. No obligation, no sales pressure - just a chance to get better results from your Sales Funnels. 

What’s not to like about that?

"Kim is a life saver. We had no way to track or export customer needs internally. We had no way to initiate an email campaign when deals closed. Now we do! She created a system that will produce reliable internal leads and allow us to communicate with customers after the deal is done!"

IT Services Company

"V2 Strategies has transformed our marketing and software systems. Before meeting Kimberlee Volbrecht, we spent many hours in frustration trying to implement better marketing and customer management systems. Now the frustration is gone. We are reaping the benefits of her innovative ideas with increased sales and customer satisfaction."

Real Estate Developer

"V2 Strategies is elite when it comes to helping you squeeze the most out of your email marketing and conversions. Whether you have an existing mail platform or need to get started, Kim makes the process more efficient and profitable. An absolutely essential service for every business!"

Digital Marketing Firm

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